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We aim to grow and supply the Alice Springs community with fresh, high quality, chemical free food through permaculture techniques.


Our Speciality:

Happy Farmer's Fresh Veggie Box

– Local, Chemical free, Seasonal Vegetable box with herbs.
– Delivery OR Pick up Monday
– We aim for a minimum of 8 different products.
– Strictly limited customer capacity!
– Stop/Start your subscription as needed via our online dashboard.

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Direct Orders coming soon:

For some customers our veggie boxes are not for them. So soon we will be setting up a system to order specific items and be able to pick them up from the farm, delivered to your door and we are also considering a Hub pick up.

Let us know if this is something you are interested in through our contact form

What we’ve been up to:


Other things out at the farm:


Food security and good nutrition is of importance for all in Alice Springs, especially when you consider the majority of our food travels at a minimum 1600km to get to us.

There is all the knowledge and resources in our region to feed ourselves. The Happy Farmer invites you to take part in creating food security in Alice Springs.

How? Look out for workshops and open working days, or work as a woofer.


we are incubating to bring Alice local bred and grown chickens for meat and eggs. Contact us about what we currently have available.


We are establishing an Aquaponics system with a 13,500L Fish Tank and about 30sqm of growing space to grow vegetable more water efficiently and fish at the same time


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